How to Get Top Dollar When Selling Your Home

1) Offer Home Buyer Incentives & Pre-paids

A buyer who has already done their homework and has narrowed their purchase options down to two or three homes they are most interested in may need a little extra reason to take action. To encourage interested buyers, home sellers may choose to offer incentives like buying the interest rate down on the purchaser’s loan, paying for closing costs, inspections, or repairs, or offering allowances or credits for upgrades after closing.

2) Learn Fast From Bidder Comments

Don’t feel like a failure if the first home offer falls through. Savvy home sellers have the patience to take criticism and make positive adjustments to marketing strategies. However, if after implementing marketing updates, home buyers request a home viewing more, it is a clear indication that the market timing could be better or take another honest look at how ready the home is for listing. One solution is to lower your price. On the other hand, having a steady stream of buyers touring your listing, yet no offers or purchase bids are coming in is often a symptom of buyers rejecting, not the price, but the home itself. Identify problems, fix them, and try again.

3) Know What Home Buyers Want Before Selling A Home

More buyers are desiring a house that is energy efficient, all fixed up and ready to move right in. A home that fits buyer wish lists stands a good chance to both sell quickly and gain a top dollar at the same time. Start by appealing correctly to what buyers want. Being fast on the draw to offer credit off a home’s asking price to do repairs rather than fixing the repair, reduces a home’s selling price when a top dollar could be gained.

4) Smart Home Improvements Get Top Dollar When Selling A House

If selling a home is far enough out, completing the right home improvement projects can help gain a better home price. Appraisers say an addition provides more returned value to a home than most other improvements. A home seller may not find that the buyer writes a check for the cost of the work in terms of a higher home price; however, the home will likely attract more potential buyers, generating sellers opportunities to receive multiple bid offers.

5) Make The Home Pristine Inside and Out

Buyers won’t write a home purchase offer unless they become emotionally invested first. Boost a stronger first impression on the home’s exterior first by working hard to improve curb appeal. Then tackle the home’s interior and stage each room by creating a focal point and a unique story for each space. A set dining table, flowers in the front entrance, or a quite classic playing softly in the home theatre are all simple examples of staging.

Remember, a buyer can always make an offer, but over-pricing your listing will not gain more showings. When searching for the right purchase, buyers have many choices out there and every day new real estate listings crop up. It is best to make diligent preparation before listing to get top dollar when selling your home.

Credit Score Incorrectly Reported in Your Credit File Will Ruin Your Financial Future!

Trying to get by in today’s society with a less than perfect credit score is downright difficult. In fact, it will probably have far more effect on your quality of life than your actual income. When it comes time to purchase a house or a motor vehicle, or even apply for a credit card, a bad credit report is going to severely impact on the type of loan that you will be able to organize.

Interestingly, many people are not even aware of what is contained on their credit report, and can be quite dismayed when they see it for the first time. Federal law has now made it possible for people to request a free copy of their credit report from one of the three nationwide consumer reporting companies. This can also be requested free of charge every 12 months. It is important to know exactly where you are positioned on this issue so that steps can be taken if need be to repair your credit. It is also prudent to keep a check of this report to ensure that there are no mistakes, as this seems to happen all too regularly.

With credit being such a big issue today, it is a wonder that so many people seem to get themselves into such a personal financial mess. Why is this? Not all of us are born accountants, in fact a great majority of us hate maths or just dislike spending time on our own financial matters. For some it is often the fear of not having enough money left in the bank to pay the bills at the end of the month. Whether we like it or not, the key to a good credit report is being able to maintain financial health, and if it is too late for this, then credit repair is often a necessary step.

This is not so bad, as there is an enormous amount of help available for anyone that needs to go down this path. There is much free information that is easily obtained online, including credit repair kits, as well as paid consultants who will work out the best way for you to proceed. If the situation is seriously out of control, then consulting with a professional is probably going to be well worth your time.

If there are just a few bad debts that need to be tidied up, then you may find that you are able to attend to this quite successfully by yourself with just some help from one of the many available online resources. Developing a personal financial plan and learning to deal with money correctly is an added bonus to credit repair.

One thing becomes very apparent very quickly when your credit history is less than perfect. You will be paying top dollar for any borrowed money. Sure you will be able to organize a bad credit loan, but expect to pay several percent more. Over a period of time this amounts to enormous sums of money, and this is why repairing bad credit has become such a worthwhile thing to do. You will even find such things as applying for a credit card online so much easier when you are not being hampered by a bad credit rating.